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sweetest day...

I wonder if I'm among the *very* few Canadians that have received a Sweetest Day card. I've grown to understand that it's something of an adult Valentine's Day, and kids don't do anything special at all about the day. Then again, I've heard it described as a regional 'Hallmark Holiday'.

Nevertheless, within the card from my partner A., I've been reminded that due to a little imbalance within her that obliged us to hold off on certain things, she wants to make up for some lost sexual escapades that we couldn't touch on the last trip. I've hinted to her that instead of taking our time to settle in before exploring, I want to hold her against a wall and slowly strip her down, then get on my knees, continue to hold her to the wall, and lick her pussy until she starts to drip.

A. is someone who sometimes needs to take water breaks just so later on she can squirt them out. Both her and I are looking forward not only to the alone time in 2 weeks but a group party where there could be up to 9 playing at one time. The only difference between play with her and I and play with others included is two things: fisting and anal play stay purely between us as a couple. We don't go down those roads around others. Mind you, A.'s new GF evidently loves to be fisted, so, one never knows -- and I've already been informed that she wants to have some play with A. and myself. Fisting is something that is truly a physical and mental odyssey between A. and myself. It doesn't necessarily make me hard to be doing it, but the experience to the mind is absolutely incredible.


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Jul. 5th, 2004 08:51 pm (UTC)
Off topic
I found your profile and it looks like we share some of the same interests. I'm adding you to my friends list.
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